• Contactless Check In/Out: Print or email ID cards to parents that can be quickly scanned by a USB or bluetooth barcode scanner to check dancers in/out.

  • Drop Off/Pickup Tracking: Family situations can sometimes be complicated! Make sure you release the dancer to the correct caregiver with drop-off and pickup tracking.

  • Parent Text Alerts: Parents receive an SMS text message as soon as their dancer is signed in and signed out of backstage, allow ing them to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

  • Parent Waivers: Have parents sign a recital liability or jewelry waiver at check-in right on the device. A copy is automatically emailed to the parent and to the studio.

  • Messaging: Easily send text messages to parents from within Check In Pointe.

  • Check In Alerts: There’s a million things we need our check-in staff to remember:
    “Sally needs her inhaler backstage”
    “Kevin’s dad needs to pay the tuition balance”

    Remind your staff when it actually maters with check-in alerts.

  • Manage Additional Users: Add additional users to your studio acount for staff or check-in volunteers. Manage eachuser’s permisions and what dancer information they have acces to. Check In Pointe is cloud-based so all users and all devices always have up-to-date information.

  • Dressing Room Assignments: Assign dancers to dresing rooms. Upon check-in, your staff will be alerted with which dressing room to direct the dancer to.

  • Track Tech Notes: Keep track of all of your Scenery/Props, Lighting, Sound, and Video cues and notes.


Annual Subscription


  • Unlimited Dancers per show

  • Unlimited Shows per year

  • Unlimited Devices at check in

  • 500 SMS Text Credits Included

Upgrade Shows to Encore™


Encore™is a premium upgrade that can be purchased for a specific show that unlocks a suite of advanced features, including Stage Manager view (where your stage manager can have access to the dancer lighting, sound, set/prop, and video notes, right at their fingertips while calling the show; Wardrobe Supervisor view, where the person running your dressing room can see all upcoming costume changes and how many dances a dancer has until they’re next on stage; and Show Status viewer, which will display for everyone which dance is currently on stage.

Additional SMS Credits

$5/500 messages

  • Add on additional SMS text message credits at anytime.

  • Message parents to confirm dancers have been signed in/out.

  • Message individual parents if an issue arrises backstage.

  • Message entire studio important performance alerts.

  • Message a specific class or dressing room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Device Do I Need?

The Check In Pointe app works on iOS (iOS 12 or later) and Android (Android 9 or later) devices. You can use it on a phone or tablet. A tablet is recommended over a phone. A laptop could also work.

Can I Use a Laptop Instead of a Tablet?

Sure, Check In Pointe can run in any internet browser, so you can use a PC or Mac laptop instead of a phone or tablet.

How Many Shows Can I Have?

You can setup as many shows as you need. Check In Pointe is designed for a multi-show environment. You can check dancers in separately to each show.

Can I Import My Dancer's Info?

Definitely! You can import any Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. We have instructions on how to import from DanceWorks, Jackrabbit, Studio Director, and Dance Studio Pro.

Is Internet Required?

Yes, a high-speed internet connection is required to connect to Check In Pointe. Many venues offer WiFi (just check with your venue manager ahead of time).

What if WiFi is not Available?

In the event that WiFi is not available, you can use a cellular-connected device (such as an iPhone, Android phone, or an iPad with Cellular). You can also use a Mobile Hotspot. However, your check-in speed will depend on your network connection. A slow network connection can slow check-in time.

How many students can I check in?

You can have as many students as you need for each show.

Can I use multiple devices for check in?

Absolutely! You can connect as many devices to Check In Pointe as you like. Since the Check In Pointe app connects to the internet, each device will always be up to date.

Can I text parents through the app?

Check In Pointe includes SMS text notifications for parents when their dancer is signed in and out of backstage. Users are also able to text parents custom message notifications, such as if a dancer isn’t feeling well.